The Lion King Auditions
The Lion King Auditions

Singers, Actors & Dancers.

Audition Preparation


Performers need to prepare a contemporary rock, pop or gospel song and are asked to bring along sheet music for their song, written in the appropriate key; and presented in a manageable way for the pianist. Backing tapes are not permitted.

Performers should arrive early and make sure that they have warmed up vocally prior to their audition.


Dancers do not need to prepare a dance routine for the audition. Dancers should arrive early for the audition in order to do their own physical warm up. Comfortable clothing that does not hide the dancer's physique should be worn. Flat jazz shoes or bare feet are suggested. Men are encouraged to bring trainers and women should bring pointe shoes, if they have them. Dancers should have a contemporary rock or pop song, with sheet music prepared in case they are short-listed.

The Lion King Auditions